Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day

As Veteran's Day comes to an end, I am enjoying the quietness of the house.  It's been a busy day of running around with the kids to get Christmas presents for their daddy so we can get them mailed off.  Most people may not have even started their Christmas shopping yet.  But with a husband who is currently deployed to Afghanistan, shopping has to come early, so we can ensure he gets his presents on time. 

There have been posts all day on Facebook from friends and family thanking those who have served.  It got me thinking about what Veteran's Day means to me.  I spent 12 years serving and sometimes the day came and went as not too much more than an extra day off from work...I know, sounds terrible, but prior to 9/11, I was in the Army, but it felt more like a job than something special.  

Now, as a military wife, this day is even more special to me.  Don't get me wrong, I realize I'm a Veteran, and that's something very special, but my time in the Army, I was single.  No husband, no kids, just me running around the world on different adventures.  So I have done some thinking about my time served and the wonderful people that I served with.  But today, my thoughts are mainly about my husband, and the things that he has experienced.

He has:

Held onto his two kids for as long as possible before saying goodbye before heading to Iraq

Reintroduced himself to his son

 Wished me Happy Anniversary through a picture

Introduced himself to his son AGAIN

Been cautiously greeted by Chase...only to be fully greeted with an urgency only a thankful, not even two year old, can show to have his daddy back...again.

 Met his daughter 3 hours after she was born

And said goodbye less than 48 hours later

Made three kids very, very happy to have their daddy home

 And experienced the most heart wrenching goodbye yet

My husband is an incredible husband, daddy, and soldier.  And when I see these pictures, it shows me just how strong he, and our family, is.  I love you Justin.  Happy Veteran's Day.


  1. This was GREAT Jen! In the eyes of a wife whose husband serves. We love you, your family, and we are ever so greatful and indebted to the sacrifice that your husband and you make. God Bless you always.

  2. Tears are rolling down my face; what a beautiful, heartfelt, and heart tugging reality of a solider and his family. I value so much those that serve and the sacrifice of the families left behind. I'm so humbled by this reaility; great job Jennifer. Hurry home Justin.

  3. Jenny:

    That post was both precious and awe-inspiring. I know how much you and the kids miss Justin. I am in awe of those who serve in the military at their selflessness in serving and their family's selfless strength in making it through holidays, birthdays, births, first teeth, first steps, etc. while their soldier is away. God bless you, Crick family; and God bless all of our troops and their families.

    ~ Aunt Mary & Uncle Buster

  4. You write beautifully. Thank you for sharing your life. It's an inspiration.

    Bobbi R-K